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  • « Le Rwanda ne cesse de joindre sa voix à toutes celles qui réclament l'instauration rapide, d'un Nouvel Ordre Économique International plus juste et plus équitable, qui tienne compte de l'interdépendance réelle et de la solidarité nécessaire entre les pays industrialisés et les pays en voie de développement. »
    20e anniversaire de l’Indépendance - Kigali, Rwanda le 1 juillet 1982

Testimony for General Juvenal Habyarimana

I had the pleasure of meeting General Habyarimana in the summer of 1985 while visiting his family and country with my brother. He was a good and kind man that cared deeply about his Catholic faith, his large, beautiful family, and his country. Mostly, I fondly remember sitting on the back porch of his home nearly every evening of our visit with him and his kids, eating sticks of grilled meat and talking and laughing about anything and everything as the sun set over the paradise of Rwanda.

Ann Lowel Telma

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